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Katana, in the upcoming movie, I think is part of the good guys trying to manage the bad guys. I may visit Peterborough zoo and train this summer.

For a Sunday before week 8 I realized that there were some funny things I noticed about this process.Important safety tip: don’t tell the yoga teacher your shoulders are really tight. She might modify almost every pose she delivers to include shoulders. Yeeeeoooowch. Today is rest day for the shoulders.

Speaking of advice, notice I gave you some advice cleverly disguised as a safety tip. I have concluded though I will not give diet or fitness to anyone. They can ask me what I did to achieve whatever I will eventually achieve, but I doubt anything I do can be assured to work for others.

Yesterday I was having a discussion about diets with the lady who cuts my hair. The discussion turned to salad dressing. (Yes, my life is so lame that I have discussions with people about frigging salad dressing.) Anyway, I discovered when buying my salad dressing that there can be a 50 calorie per tbsp in some ranch dressings. I was told that was terrible I should use lime and/or oil and balsamic vinegar. My life is so busy it was a miracle I looked at the salad dressing bottles in the first place. So, I said, “Look, you come to my double karate class on Thursday nights, then you can talk to me about salad dressings.”

When you have an argument involving salad dressing, karate wins.


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