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This is one of the Green Lanterns. They’ve teased Hal Jordan on The Flash. I wonder if they’ll do something one day. Maybe he’s hiding on Bowen Island

Day 46. Technically I’m half way to where the heck it is I’m going with this process.

Yesterday was weird. I did a yoga class and the work on my shoulders from the gym left me whining on a couple of standard yoga moves. Have to check with the trainer on what I’m doing wrong. Probably I’m not doing anything wrong; it’s just that the shoulders have never done this much work before.

In the department of Bad Ideas, after the annual work “RSP Season Is Over” Party that happened after work, I cycled home. Kind of hosed. I’ve promised not to do that again.

Oddly, I don’t have a hangover. Considering this is a killer Thursday, that’s a good thing.

On the blood pressure front, I took one pill yesterday and the reading from last night put me in the low side again. Astonishing. I’ll see what it looks like tonight, pill free.


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