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This is an obscure cover for an obscure villain that randomly came to mind. And I own this comic.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!So, in the department of irony, it was yesterday when the first person who noticed that I have lost weight (and Tim had gained height) was the owner of Koko Monk … a bloody chocolate shop. (I must ask for sponsorship reasons that you visit this new article chocolate in Vancouver to see what Tim and I bought his Mom for Mother’s Day.)

I was so shocked I didn’t know what to say.

I have to say the stress is getting to me. It’s really hard to maintain the effort (even on a rest day) when I have so many other responsibilities.

By the way, I coded around the failing “cookie” variables in ColdFusion. I also learned that in the new version of CF 11 when you launch a window with Javascript, the session scope variables (values whose life span is as long as you have the browser open) do not transfer to a window opened via Javascript

Many may say “what are you on about” but be assured this stuff is annoying and time consuming.


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