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This is Atomica who was in a Justice League comic I just read. Turns out she was a bad guy from Earth 3 and in the end was squashed (literally) by Lex Luthor. Goodness. Go here Salt Spring Island for a more relaxing time.

Day 38. About halfway through Week 6.Yikes. Basically I am an idiot because last night due to a complex set of conditions that included day care pickup, Bach Choir rehearsals, Bach Choir social event, Catherine’s work hours and something else I’ve forgotten, I, Carolin and Tim had dinner at Subway.

I had a wrap, which I thought was a better than their regular fluffy bread. I realized afterwards that I could have made them put the meat and veggies in a bowl and bypassed the carbs completely. I am such a dope. Which just goes to show the power of bread and habits.

Today, below, you will find the killer homework which I get to try out tomorrow. Today is yoga.

No riding as the wind and rain is too unpleasant and I had to carry a box with a gift for my Mom back east. It’s now safely in the hand of Canada Post.

As I walked down the stairs from our apartment, my legs thanked me for the break from riding.



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