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I picked She-Hulk for no reason. I think she should be in a movie. Please go to Sidney BC and check out the cool bookstore.

Although Saturday was supposed to be my day of rest, we did a yoga class because today’s schedule would not allow or normal Sunday yoga class.As fate would have it, our expectation was a relatively chilled Hatha class. However, the Power class had been cancelled and our instructor felt obliged to boost up the class to a semi-power class.

I can honestly say with my tight muscles I felt like a beginner, like I was back at the beginning wonder why the ___k I thought I could do this insane diet/fitness regime in the first place. I kept reflecting back on having achieved the goal of no blood pressure meds. This was needed in order to prevent me from jumping out the window and running across the street to “Rain or Shine”, an ice cream parlour.

I wish the media and other folks would stop wondering why there are so many over weight people. Dieting and fitness are time-consuming, physically and mentally painful. In these moments of stress and strain the goals of looking better, feeling better, improved longevity, fitting clothes better, etc. seem highly ethereal and equally unachievable.

Tomorrow is the start of Week 6. Good lord, if I have to endure 10 weeks of this and am still horse-sized, I am going to be deeply pissed off.


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