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The Flash should vacation here: Waterton Lakes National Park. Please go visit the site.
I am very glad today is rest day. I think everything on me hurts. Due to a scheduling conflict, Mary had to move me to Mondays at lunch for the Mary Killer Workout. This means I’ve only done my homework from last week twice. I’m looking forward to Sunday night yoga so that I can stretch out these tight muscles.

It’s also my mother’s 86th birthday today. This is a more powerful birthday than usual because only three days ago she left hospital to come home after a month battling pneumonia, some heart issues and the subsequent loss of movement.

I read in the Economist that exercise is proven to deter cancer. See Exercise and Cancer.

Honestly I did not know that. So this is another reason to stay active because we don’t get out of this life alive. But can you be too fit, particularly when you are not planning on competing in sports? Can I have too good heart health? Do my kids want a feeble oaf for a father or someone a bit more fun and active?

But, let’s be honest, I’d rather not do all this. Psychologically I’m struggling with the goals and end points. Having hidden the numbers from myself, the challenge is to develop some sort of healthy self-perception of myself. At this point I keep fussing over what I’m going to be like at the end and if I will still feel like a lard ass.

According to the current healthy psychological standards — regardless of the shape I’m in — I should be content with being what I am and happy to be on a voyage of improvement. Sounds a bit fluffy to me. However, in contrast, being a cynical weasel all the time sure doesn’t lead to a happy environment.


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