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Since the new Captain America film is coming, I’m going to pick obscure images of the characters.And go here: Charlottetown. Please.
Let’s talk about rest and blood pressure. Yesterday I skipped the bike, went to the gym at lunch and did a decent bit of Mary’s Homework. The twist I suffered at karate seemed to have passed, but I was careful with step ups due to the damn right hip.

When I was in Grade 12, I got up too fast after a long time studying and fell and hurt my knee and hip. Last night I stood up from the couch and had a similar head rush, except that, since these have been happening more often, I have conditioned myself to always grab something. In this case, I grabbed a bookcase but needed a rare two hands to steady myself.

Once the little tweety-birds had stopped flying around my head I realized I’d been meaning to take my blood pressure. I have my own cuff and had not taken a reading since before starting this diet-fitness journey. After three successive readings a couple of minutes apart, the numbers were 118 over 67 and 111 over 68. Pulse was 75.

My blood pressure, after being on meds for a while, was 125 over 81 (or thereabouts). I’ve been taking the blood pressure meds during the diet. I was assuming I’d go off near or at the end. According to a cardiologist I saw almost three years ago, I estimated I’d need a lot more lard removed before seeing a significant drop in BP.

So I am taking the weekend off of the meds and then on Sunday night or Monday I will do readings again and see where it’s at.

Odd, eh?


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