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I’m really looking forward to Suicide Squad, hence Harley Quinn.

Right. Food. Exercise. Too much work. Today is Day 16 and I didn’t ride because it’s raining. Now, before all you all-weather cyclists with your fancy Gore-Tex underpants say how great it is to ride in the rain on slippery surfaces, let me just say with confidence (and the deepest respect and care) that you all f__king mental.

For me, riding on wet surfaces is as safe a bull elk riding a unicycle with a plastic bag over its head and antlers. While singing Hey Jude.

Today I have a killer Mary Workout. I need all the strength I can muster.

Sponsorship: could you please go to this arts organization and donate money? I’m the Treasurer and my budget isn’t right. Vancouver Bach Choir. Otherwise enjoy beautiful New Brunswick. I have fond memories of Saint Andrews.


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