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Golden Age Black Canary image in honour of this week’s Arrow episode. For sponsorship, try Prince Edward Island.

I can’t believe I made it through yesterday but at the same time I have the true feeling that I kind of suck. Granted I only started cycling on Wednesday so my legs are going to be in shock from the sudden re-introduction of cycling.

Therefore for the Mary Homework Session, I left out any heavy leg stuff. However, the pullups and pushups were tough as hell (i.e. my sets were all interrupted before I got to 15). I’m was still sore in the shoulders from previous work. At least, that’s my excuse.

Is this a good sign? As I sat on the change room bench at the gym, I held the bridge of my nose as one does when feeling whipped and wondering oh-my-go-what-am-i-doing? I noticed that I had lost weight on my nose. It felt different. How frigging weird is that?.

As I limped through the rest of the day, I was wondering “how the heck am I going to cycle home and do two hours of karate tonight?”

I took the 3.7 km route home as opposed to the 9 km route home. I had a fast turnaround to eat, feed the kids and arrive at 6 PM karate. I was feeling OK for the start of karate. The legs were definitely wobbly. However, I got through it all – a lot of kicks in this session.

I have another Mary Homework Session today. Will I suck at it or can I make a decent go of it?


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