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Cycling today, I thought I was going to croak on Burrard Bridge today. Hey, Brad Wall might be happy today. Please visit Regina.

So, Tuesday’s trainer session with Mary was a new level of intense. The pullups and pushups on an angle with straps as opposed to a machine were crazy. And I got introduced to ball slams and sitting side weight toss. Kind of hard to describe. Sit straight legged. Pick up what looks like a heavy pillow and slam it on the floor alternating either side of you.

I’m going to get new homework, which will be fun. The irony is that in order to get more out of the sessions, I need to push myself during homework times so that, in turn, pushes the trainer who then intensifies the next session.

I doubt she’d admit it (for customer service reasons) but I bet dollars to donuts (hmmm donuts) that Trainers hate not being able to move forward at each session. First of all it must be boring for the Trainer and there’s a risk the client will say, “This working out stuff sucks.”

Today I managed to ride my bike to work. I did rescue it from the bike shop and I’m now going to attempt to ride to/from work regularly. The leg muscles seem stronger than last year, but the stamina is rubbish.


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