Fassbender, Clark and Sullivan,

To say that I was disappointed to read the news article below is as much as an understatement as to say that un-anesthetized knee surgery does not hurt.


I can’t decide if your ardent desire to crush the BCTF or your paternalistic “I’m the Education Minister you have to do what I want” attitude has clouded your judgement.

I am deeply worried for my children’s education.  I kind of didn’t worry about this first week, but now … I feel threatened by you.  Personally.  I however seemed to have retained some logic.

If you have no scheduled meetings, how do you get a settlement?

The E80 clause, and all items in your proposal that has anything to do with the court case should be immediately removed so that proper financial arguments for the term of the agreement can be negotiated.  I suspect you are so scared at the potential cost that, if the ruling goes against you, you plan to mitigate the risk here.  This is not the place when so many children are being affected.  (We big people can take a hit.)

Try a yoga class or meditation or something and re-think this.

– Rob.

P.S. I found this link.
Whack Up Side the Head