Mr Sullivan and Mr Eby,

I call upon both of you to team up and form a bi-party team to do only one thing.  Bring clarity to the dispute.  I call upon you two as your riding connect and you are both close to Hudson Elementary where I am PAC Chair.

Specifically I can’t get a handle on what’s separating the BCTF and the government.  If you two sat down and went through the existing material and published a chart like this.

Subject Area Teachers Asking

Government Offering




Last best figure from another
Collective Agreement for Comparison




Working Conditions (special needs

This should be limited to one or two pages.

The only recommendations I want you guys to give is for further meetings to resolve this.

I must remind both of you are Canadian elected officials that British Columbia is in violation of the UN’s Convention on the Rights of the Child.  Please look at Article 28.

Perhaps this is not a common practice, but this is so serious a situation for the children, I expect you to rise above your normal partisan behaviours.

– Rob.