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Author: Robert Ford

Email to Fassbender, Clark and Sullivan

Fassbender, Clark and Sullivan, To say that I was disappointed to read the news article below is as much as an understatement as to say that un-anesthetized knee surgery does not hurt. I can’t decide if your ardent desire to crush the BCTF or your paternalistic “I’m the Education Minister you have to do what I want” attitude has clouded your judgement. I am deeply worried for my children’s education.  I kind of didn’t worry about this first week, but now … I feel threatened by you.  Personally.  I however seemed to have retained some logic. If you...

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State of bargaining proposals as of September 2, 2014

I happened to receive via email this from the BCTF. They had seen my wish in an earlier blog post and reached out to me and have provided comparisons as shown in the PDF below. I have some views on this but frankly, but I’d rather just be presenting information at this point because I’m tickled pink just to have something fairly simple. BCTF Proposals However, I have to admit I feel more like this cat every day. And I will let King Julien say how I feel on timing. King Julien...

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Email to Eby and Sullivan

Mr Sullivan and Mr Eby, I call upon both of you to team up and form a bi-party team to do only one thing.  Bring clarity to the dispute.  I call upon you two as your riding connect and you are both close to Hudson Elementary where I am PAC Chair. Specifically I can’t get a handle on what’s separating the BCTF and the government.  If you two sat down and went through the existing material and published a chart like this. Subject Area Teachers Asking Government Offering   Gap   Last best figure from another Collective Agreement for...

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Education System erosion has begun

Here is my most recent email to Iker, Fassbender and Clark. Mr. Iker, Mr. Fassbender, So, it’s begun. Educational Erosion. A family of my acquaintance has sent their children to independent school so that their children can go to school at all. They were walking distance to school, but now have to drive. But with no school on, what does distance matter? I am disheartened because they were an active part of the school community. So, Mr. Fassbender, if as many say that your big secret vision is to privatize education, you are on the right track. However, you...

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More CTV news for me

While on the way back from Qualicum Beach yesterday I was called by CTV. They wanted to do an in home interview. We managed to catch the correct ferry and get home in time to make the news. This was September 1, 2014. To find the video segement, look for “CTV News at Six for Sep. 1: Teachers” in their section on the right. The segment I’m in starts at 5:26 minutes into the video. I’m also quoted here. This was written by the Canadian Press and went national, apparently. Sigh. I’d rather have my kids in...

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