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Author: Robert Ford

Arguing over who pays for Seismic Upgrading

Dear Mr. Fassbender, It is with shock and dismay I read in that you are thinking that school districts now have to pay half of the costs for seismic upgrades. This flies in the face of past commitments by both Premier Campbell and Premier Clark. Plus, this doesn’t make sense. The school boards receive virtually all funding from the provincial government. Therefore to say they have to pay for half of something is like me giving a $5 allowance to my son and then saying he has to pay for half the next plumbing repair bill in...

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Just posted this site to the whole world

It’s kind of exciting. Although my audience is highly friends-and-family, it’s fun to have posted on Facebook this site’s existence. I always publish on December 1 and considering the first story in 1984 was on an IBM Selectric, there’s a bit of magic to the technology change. I don’t think I’m mailing anyone a printed copy this...

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Parent Guidelines – Cell Phones & Kids under 16

A while back I read an article about a problem with bullying via text-messaging.  My daughter was, at the time, too young for a cell phone.  I felt bad for the kids. Fast forward a couple of years and I find myself adding a phone and phone number for my daughter to my plan.  My focus on personal security was increasing, dramatically.  The point of the phone was to give my daughter an easy way to contact her parents plus other key, trusted people.  None of which were under 30 years of age, I noticed. Of course my daughter...

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2013 Story is live … first one for the new site

Well, that was fun. The best part is that I know where I put the files! I’m kind of pumped to have the story on a site where everyone can easily get back to it. Of course it’s a tree falling in the forest as no one knows where the forest is. On December 1 I will send out my usual email. Next year will be the 30th year. I wonder what to do for...

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2013: Psychic Movements

Download PDF The Toronto Eaton’s Centre at Christmas time is a great place for chance encounters but, because of the way my brain is wired up, it’s rare that I’m ever surprised. In a significant exception, on December 13, 2013 Kendra (I didn’t yet know her name) seemed to appear out of nowhere on the third level of the Eaton’s Centre near the Trinity Square entrance.  Our shoulders connected hard and I grabbed for her, saying “Wow, I’m sorry.” I caught her thoughts, clear as day.  She thought, “Jeez, I’ve got to be more careful when teleporting in.” Typically,...

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