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Author: Robert Ford

Hudson Grad Ceremony 2014

On Wed June 25, my daughter’s class had a grad ceremony at Kits Community Centre, instead of Hudson, due to the strike/lockout. This turned out to be quite the adventure because the ceremony was basically cancelled and I had not worried too much because I felt there was little I could do. Then I got a call from a dad, who I’ve know since my daughter was 3, who said, “I have a contact with Kits Community Centre and we can hold the grad there. You know lots of the parents and I need your help.” Like any good...

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Just Stop It.

To Clark, Fassbender, Iker, Bacchus and those in your employ. When you increase the MSP rates and cause budget shortfalls, you attack my children. When you deny a French Immersion spot at my local school for my son, you attack my child. When you call a strike, you attack my children. When you slow down the rate of seismic upgrading to schools, especially my child’s school, you attack my child. When your toxic negotiations rub off on my children leaving them cynical, you attack my children. When you attack my children in these ways, you attack me. And I...

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Straight forward solution to the strike. Please implement.

I just emailed the text below to the Premier, Minister of Education, the head of the BCTF and the BCSPEA. ————— There’s a straightforward way to solve the dispute between teachers and government. This solution has the benefit of actually helping children, meeting basic goals of both the government and the union. I suspect that the government is being so weird about pay because paying the teachers more does not guarantee better results in the classroom. If a teacher receives an x% raise, it does not improve the classroom outcomes (e.g. numeracy and literacy) without other support. No one...

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Parents are monsters from 9 to 3

I always knew I’d learn a lot being a parent, but this is ridiculous. At time of writing there’s a labour dispute between the BCTF (teacher’s union) and the BC Provincial government (employer). Representatives from each side of the dispute have said their actions are “for the children.” I’m not sure to which children they are referring, but it sure can’t be the ones currently attending school. Maybe it’s some theoretical bunch of children they expect to serve in the future. So, stop saying you’re doing it for the children. Field trips, particularly those at the end of the...

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Arbitration. Now.

I just sent this in email to Clark, Fassbender, Iker and Marchbank. I’d rather be working on real work. Hi, I’m a parent, a PAC Chair and a citizen. I think the whole lot of you are out of your heads. (This is the polite version of what I think.) If you want an agreement that isn’t the result of more legislation, please hire a good mediator and go to binding arbitration right away. You lot ARE harming the children and ARE hurting the parents. And guess what? We can’t do a damn thing. (Unless of course you invite...

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